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A term used to refer to various types of baking utensils, such as baking sheets, baking pans and baking dishes. Each having one common characteristic, which is they are all used to bake some type of sweet or savory foods in the oven. Baking sheets are made of some type of metal but baking pans and dishes can be metal, ceramic or glass, and now silicone is being used to produce some of these items also. Bakeware is available in many materials, shapes, and sizes. Some of the items that are considered bakeware include: cookie sheets, cake pans, jelly-roll pans, tube pans, loaf pans, muffin tins, bundt pans, brioche molds, springform pans, tart pans, pie plates, square and rectangular bakers, round and oval casseroles, ramekins, and pizza pans. There are many items that are considered bakeware, some being very common to everyday use and some have very special uses.
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