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Our Mission

The essential things needed for a meaningful and joyful life are many but one constant joy anywhere you go is good food. It helps to builds relationships, create memories, and form cultures.

In the Lebanese culture, food is paramount! Traditionally, Lebanese and other people from the Levant ate seasonally by preserving the seasonal foods available to them, called 'mouneh' in Arabic.

But as we have all noticed, a lot of the food that we eat today is impossible to cook at home because it was made in labs, engineered to last a long time, and is mass produced cheaply by using ingredients we can't pronounce and wouldn't know how to source.

If that isn't bad enough, people in nearly every country are losing their link to their history, their culture, and even their families. We are forgetting how to make our local food, or even knowing what kinds of food is local to our own towns and cities. Wherever you go, it's always the same sandwiches, salads and breads.

But it's not all negative. There are many people and organizations dedicated to rediscovering how to prepare local Lebanese food such as the the Food Heriate site https://food-heritage.org/ that teaches about our Lebanese heritage and the famous farmers market, Souk El Tayeb in Lebanon (https://www.soukeltayeb.com/).

Our mission is to provide you the know-how, source you the tools, and help you build your confidence so that you can rediscover the pleasure, the fulfillment, and the outright joy that you can have preparing your own food.

I operate this site to be helpful, useful, and inspiring. I do not make any money directly on the products but as an Amazon Associate I do earn from qualifying purchases a commission from Amazon.

Our Mission
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