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Adonis - Roasted Sesame

Adonis Sesame seeds can be sprinkled over salads. This will give you more variety and flavor than your typical salad. Add raw sesame seeds to any side dish to add crunch and flavor. For instance, you can add to vegetable or bean dishes.

Roasted Sesame

Seven Spice Blend was created especially for Middle Eastern cooking. It's unique blend ensures authentic flavor for a wide variety of Arabian recipes. Ingredients: All spice, black pepper, clove, ginger, cinnamon, Ste. Lucie cherry(Mahlab), Coriander.


Made of pure hulled, roasted and crushed sesame seeds that are stone ground. It is 100% free from any whitening agent. This sesame paste can also be mixed with lemon juice and crushed garlic to prepare the famous taratour sauce or falafel sauce.

Grape Leaves

Premium Grape Leaves in a Glass Jar

Ready to Use, Great for Stuffing & Salads, Vegan, Gluten FreeFreshly picked, Medium Size Vine Leaves

Pomegranate Molasses

Pomegranate seeds are popular both as an ingredient and as a condiment. They enhance the appearance and taste of fruit salads, mixed salads, sauces, poultry and fish. Pomegranate molasses play a major role in Iranian cuisine and Middle Eastern cuisine in general.

Orange blossom and Rose water combo

1) Other than Using in a varity of cooking applications Rose Water can be used in a facial mask. Add Rose Water to your bath water and use Rose Water as a moisturizer after your bath. Rose Water can be used as a face lotion for all skin types to tone

2) Orange blossom water is distilled water that contains the essential oils of the orange blossom. It adds a hint of a citrus scent to foods and compliments the flavor. Orange blossom water is used in many lamb dishes, desserts, and is perfect for fruit. A little goes a long way, so add it a few drops at a time to determine how much you like. The blossoms of Seville oranges are believed to produce one of the finest orange blossom waters, since they have a very strong, rich aroma. Other oranges can be used as a source of orange blossom water, of course, but they may not yield the desired high essential oil content.


Zaatar is a blend of Thyme, Sumac, Sesame, and Salt. It is commonly used to marinate chicken, sprinkle over salads or labneh or cheeses, or as a spread when mixed with olive oil and spread flat bread or pita or tortilla, toast it in toaster oven for a minute. In the middle east, especially in Lebanon, it is commonly used for breakfast as Za'atar Manakeesh or on Shanklish (to coat dry-cured balls of labneh-drained yogurt).

Cafe Najjar with Cardamom (Hal)

Cafe Najjar with Cardamom is a traditional Turkish-style coffee. It is made exclusively with carefully selected Brazilian Arabica beans, which are roasted and finely ground with cardamom for a distinctive flavor.

Cafe Najjar

Cafe Najjar Selection ground coffee, pure Brazilian 450-gram vacuum bag

Lebanese Cookbook by Salma Hage

The definitive book on Lebanese home cooking, featuring 500 authentic and delicious easy-to-make recipes

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