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Saute Pan / Low Casserole 3.7 qt (Cast Iron, 28cm) by La Cuisine


La Cuisine 3.7 qt (28cm) Cast Iron Saute Pan / Low Casserole

The cast iron saute casserole is suited to Spanish-style seafood rice dishes, potato dauphinoise, moules mariniere, shepherd’s pie. This beautifully designed cookware is also great to be served straight from the oven to the table.

Enameled cast iron cookware has long been the cookware of choice for serious chefs. The cast iron construction has superior heat retention, which makes it easy to cook at very low temperatures for extended periods of time. The tight fitting lid helps to seal in moisture allowing for tender meat dishes and flavorful soups and stews.

La Cuisine is a family-owned business that was started and is still based in Ireland. Its cookware is designed by the world renowned Marcus Notley, a specialist in luxury consumer products for the home. 

Features & Specifications

  • Dimensions: 11" (28cm) Wide
  • Enameled cast iron
  • Stainless Steel Knob
  • Ovenproof enameled cast iron knob
  • The enamel is fired at approximately 1500°F (800°C)
  • Suitable for use on all heat sources, including induction
  • Made with a lifetime warranty
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