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Mauviel M'150s Sauce Pan


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Mauviel M150's Sauce Pan

Sauce pans are versatile pans as they make it easy for you to boil water, make and reduce sauces, and deep fry, with their long handles and high sides.

These sauce pans by Mauviel are great display pieces. They have 1.5mm body thickness and a stainless steel interior and handle.

  • The 90% of copper is on the outside, which allows for excellent thermal conductivity, leading to even heat distribution. As copper conducts heat a lot faster than aluminum or stainless steel cookware, it permits simmering over low heat, leading to great-tasting stews and casseroles.
  • The 10% stainless steel is on the inside, making it food grade, and eliminating the need to re-tin the copper, such as in traditional tin-lined copper. As the stainless steel is of such a low proportion, it does not alter the properties of the copper.

The Mauviel family company has been creating copper cookware in Normandy, France for nearly 200 years. They are famous for their hand made, expensive, top quality copper cookware, catered mainly for professional chefs and commercial kitchens. In recent decades they have branched out to stainless steel and cast iron and their excellent workmanship is now available to home chefs.

The difference between a Skillet and a Pan, and the confusing Saute Pan!

There isn't any real practical difference between a pan and a skillet as you can braise, roast, fry, sear or grill in both. The very slight differences are:

  • A skillet is slightly deeper than a pan to better braise sauces and it generally comes in cast iron, while a pan generally comes in stainless steel, aluminum or a combination of both, and it generally has a lid.
  • A saute pan looks like a skillet as it has a lid but it is deeper than a skillet, has a larger cooking surface, and its sides are straight instead of curved.

Features & Specifications

  • 100% copper with 18/10 stainless steel interior and stainless steel handle
  • Copper cookware can be used on gas, electric, halogen stove tops, and in the oven up to 500 ° F (260 °C)
  • Not induction compatible
  • Mauviel cookware is guaranteed for life against any manufacturing defects (Warranty not valid for commercial use)
  • Made in France
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