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Pressure Canner and Cooker (23 qt / 21.8L) by Presto


23 Qt Aluminum Pressure Cooker / Canner

Pressure cooking, the only method recommended safe by the U.S.D.A. for canning low-acid foods, allows you to preserve meats, vegetables, and fruits with confidence. 

This canner features an easy-to-read dial gauge to ensure accurate pressure control. The air vent/cover lock allows pressure to build only when the cover is closed properly and it prevents the cover from opening until the pressure has safely reduced. It is constructed of extra strong, warp-resistant aluminum.

An accompanying rack fits down into the pot to keep jars up off the bottom, so that liquid can circulate underneath.

If you prefer to use the water bathing method instead of pressure cooking, then you can just use this pot as a boiling water canner.

National Presto Industries, known just as Presto, was started over 100 years ago in Eau Claire, Wisconsin and has become synonymous with pressure cooking ever since. They have branched out and revolutionized many different food processing methods with their take on small appliances, whether it be popcorn makers, dehydrators, or slow cooking appliances. 

Care Instructions 

  • Nonabrasive cleansers are best for cleaning this aluminum pressure cooker, though occasional use of a fine metal polish will help the exterior keep its shine.
  • The sealing ring should be removed after each use to allow cleaning of the inside rim of the lid.
  • The dial gauge is delicate; detailed care instructions are found in the accompanying booklet.
  • The vent pipe is simple to keep clean with a small brush or pipe cleaner,
  • Both the air vent/cover lock and the overpressure plug are removable.
  • A detailed instruction and recipe booklet is included

Features & Specifications

    • Measures approximately 15.4 x 15.1 x 14.8 inches
    • 16 Quart Liquid Capacity (21.8 Liters)
    • Regular mason jar Capacity: 24 half-pints, 20 pints, or 7 quarts (half-pints and pints only for boiling water processing). 
    • Suitable for use in high altitude areas with a deluxe pressure dial gauge that registers precise processing pressures.
    • The lid is not immersible.
    • Warranty: 12 Year
    • Brand: Presto
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