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Kitchen Shears GKS210 by Global


Global Kitchen Shears GKS210

Kitchen shears are a very handy tool to have in your kitchen to help you cut through meats and whole chicken, around pie crusts and through pizza! 

This particular kitchen shears has a nutcracker between the handles, making it even more versatile. It is also designed with the minimal number of joints to increase the hygiene factor as it reduces the likelihood of bacteria settling on them.

Global is a Japanese brand that was started in 1985 and is now a globally recognised knife and accessory brand that focuses on high quality kitchen knives, with some relevant accessories. Asa a testament to their quality, the knives design has not changed since their launch in 1985. 

Features & Specifications

  • 56-58 Rockwell rating in hardness
  • Made from cast steel
  • Handwash only
  • Finely serrated blade
  • Made in Japan with a lifetime warranty
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