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Lids with Bands (Regular Mouth)


Box of 12 Regular Mouth Lids with Bands

These USA made lids with bands from Ball are BPA-free and fit regular mouth glass home canning jars.

The bands can be reused many times. The lids can only be reused if vacuum sealing the jars as long as you don't damage the lids. If you are canning, then the lids are for one time use only as the plastisol seals will be spent and lead to seal failure. 

These lids are not stainless steel so only hand wash the lids as they are NOT DISHWASHER SAFE. Also, thoroughly dry them after washing to avoid corrosion.

The Ball company has been involved with canning and jars since 1884 and their products have been synonymous with canning ever since. While the Ball company sadly exited the home canning business in the 1990s, their products are still being manufactured (some even in the USA), and we are proud to offer them. 

Features & Specifications

  • Fit Ball wide mouth canning jars
  • 12 lids and 12 bands per box
  • Country of origin: USA
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