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China Cap Strainer by Lacor


Lacor China Cap

A China cap, like a chinois strainer, is designed to funnel and drain stocks, soups, fruit, and vegetables directly into a pot, without splashing or making a mess, and ensuring the seeds, pulp and skin won't make it in the pot. This is done through the hook on the side that holds the strainer to your pan or bowl, and a wooden pestle that helps push the ingredients through the perforated holes.

With its more than 65 years of experience, Lacor is one of the leaders in the distribution and kitchenware and household items in Spain, and one of the few manufacturers still maintaining a large part of their production in Spain.

Difference Between a Chinois Strainer and a Chinese Cap

The Chinois Strainer and Chinese Cap may look the same and are even referred to interchangeably but there is a slight difference.

A chinois strainer has extremely fine mesh while a China cap is made from perforated metal, meaning the chinois strainer will produce a smoother texture while the China cap will produce a coarser texture. They are both used with a wooden pestle to feed the ingredients through.

Features & Specifications

  • 1mm fine holes
  • Perforated holes
  • Made in Spain with a lifetime warranty
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