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Copperbrill Copper Cleaner 150ml by Mauviel

$29.95 $37.75

Mauviel Copperbrill Copper Cleaner 50z / 150ml

Copper cookware is an expensive purchase but can last lifetimes if kept well maintained.

This cleaner maintains your copper cookware by gently cleaning and restoring the original luster of your copper cookware pieces.

To use, just apply a small amount to a sponge or soft cloth, rub the cookware and then rinse with water and dry thoroughly. This cleaner can also be used on stainless steel cookware.

The Mauviel family company has been creating copper cookware in Normandy, France for nearly 200 years. They are famous for their hand made, expensive, top quality copper cookware, catered mainly for professional chefs and commercial kitchens. In recent decades they have branched out to stainless steel and cast iron and their excellent workmanship is now available to home chefs.

    Features & Specifications

    • Speciality cleaner from France
    • 150ml / 5oz
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    Essential to Health

    Not made in labs but made with love.

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