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Tomato Milling Machine (2400) by OMRA


Brand: Aroma

Binding: Kitchen

model number: 2400

Part Number: 2400

Details: O.M.R.A. Professional Tomato Milling Machine Specifications Tomato Squeezer Body Dimension: 4 inches Stainless Steel: Hopper, Screen, Chute & Splash Guard Hopper Capacity: 10 inch diameter - 6 qt. Body: Rust Proof Pressed Aluminum Motor: 0.33Hp, 110v, 60 Hz Production: 600 lbs per hour Optional Meat Grinder Attachment How to use: Put the fruit or vegetables (without stones or stalks)into the funnel and press it into the body of the machine using the pestle provided. The screw feeder, rotating about its axis will push it forwards and press it against the screen. The juice will come out of the holes in the screen and fall into the trough which conveys it to the collection receptacle while the seeds and peels are eliminated through the small funnel on the end of the screen. It is possible to put the seeds and the skins back into the machine in order to obtain an improved squeezing.

EAN: 0837654962534

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