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Ultra Fine 100% Cotton Cheesecloth by Regency Wraps


A cheesecloth has long been considered a staple in the kitchen but unfortunately one never seems to be around. An old t-shirt, tea towel, or any old thing on hand is used when you try are making labne or cheese, straining soups.


This 9 square feet cheesecloth is environmentally friendly and is ultra fine, made from 100% durable, lint free cotton with no bleach or additives used. It is perfect for a range of culinary uses such as straining soups and sauces, basting turkeys, making cheese, forming packets for herbs and spices, straining jellies, jams, wine pulp, etc.


It is also great hundreds of uses around the home and garden: polishing, cleaning windows and mirrors, finishing furniture, protecting shrubbery and plants.


Regency Wraps started in Texas, America in 1985 and their products have been used by top chefs in the finest restaurants throughout the world ever since. The demand for these professional and quality products in home kitchens grew so that Regency Wraps eventually created a gourmet line for consumers.

Features & Specifications

  • Pack contains one cheese cloth measuring approximately 9 square feet
  • Package Dimensions: 0.6 x 0.1 x 0.8 inches
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