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Food Jar (Regular Mouth, Half Pint)


Regular Mouth Half Pint Jars

These USA made Ball Mason jars are great for canning and preserving food, using as a regular cup for smoothies/spirits/milk shakes, floral arrangements, storing candy and other dry food. 

You can choose to use either regular mouth jars or wide mouth jars. They are very similiar and when you get past all the hype and marketing, it really comes down to personal preference. However, there are a few differences that might mean something to you if you are unsure what kind to buy, listed below.

Regular Mouth Wide Mouth
Not safe to stack
The mouth design makes it harder to put your hand/sponge fully inside the jar to clean it by hand
The wide mouth allows for easier cleaning, if cleaning by hand
Does not lend itself particularly well to whole or cut fruits/vegetables being placed in the jar without having to squish them
The wider mouth allows for larger foods to be placed inside the jar without squishing them
The regular sized lid makes it easier to open and close than a wide mouth jar
The wider lid makes it harder for those with compromised grip strength (i.e. arthritis, age, injury) to open and close the jars

The Ball company has been involved with canning and jars since 1884 and their products have been synonymous with canning ever since. While the Ball company sadly exited the home canning business in the 1990s, their products are still being manufactured (some even in the USA), and we are proud to offer them. 

Features & Specifications

  • Half Pint (8 oz.) Jars
  • Case of 12 includes jars, lids, and bands for home canning
  • Country of origin: USA
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