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Canning Tongs 10" by Victorio


Canning Tongs

When you're preserving food, you're dealing with jars in boiling water, and if these jars need adjusting, or the lids need tightening or loosening, you need to be able to access them safely and easily.

Enter canning tongs - not to be confused with jar lifters - and different from regular kitchen tongs, they are the perfect tool. As canning tongs are specifically designed for use in canning, they are made from metal alloy, have a cushioned heat-resistant grip, and have hollow grips to allow the boiling water to drain when gripping the food.

Victorio began in 1937 in order to sell its famous food strainer. Over the decades it expanded its product line to cater to those interested in the process of home canning and its necessary equipment. It has since rebranded to VKP Brands to reflect the wide range of kitchen products and brands that it sells, including 'Roots & Branches', 'Time for Treats', The 'Johnny Apple Peeler' and 'Kitchen Crop', among many other brands.

Features & Specifications

  • 7" length from handles to end
  • Can be used on regular mouth and wide mouth jars
  • 10" overall length
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Brand: VKP Brands
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